Cassandra's Field Guide to Ghostly EncountersCassandra’s Field Guide to Ghostly Encounters by Cassandra O’Shaughnessy and Jalynn Venis

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Proven techniques for keeping your cool when Casper calls!

Got ghosts? Know someone who’s got a haunted house? Then get Cassandra’s Field Guide to Ghostly Encounters. It’s fun, entertaining, informative, and the practical gift for the person who has everything—including ghosts!

If you’ve ever lived in a haunted house or building, you know what it means to lie awake at night listening to unexplainable noises, whispers, someone distantly calling your name. If you don’t have a cat, dog, or human living with you, the purring and twisting of bedcovers are doubly bedeviling!

Plus, you’ll find pictures of ghostly visitors and see how energy beings show up on Earth in photos taken by Jalynn and Jim Venis and some of their friends!

What people are saying about Cassandra’s Field Guide to Ghostly Encounters:

“Who knew spirits could be so entertaining? Jalynn Venis did and in her book, through the alter-ego of Cassandra, she shares instruction, intuition and innvocations. The result is a book filled with humor and surprisingly useful advice on what to do when something says “Boo!” Recommended highly.” — Richard Gorey, filmmaker and author

Cassandra’s Field Guide to Ghostly Encounters is a very helpful book not only for those just needing to understand what is happening around them, but also for those who actively search for and research the paranormal. The book is a great guide on how to handle yourself whether it’s your first encounter or your 100th encounter with the other side.” — Charles McWherter, Colorado Paranormal Research & Investigations lead investigator, TAPS Family Member

“Cassandra comes across as a person deeply experienced with spiritual matters and shares that experience freely. I also really appreciated the photographs included in the book demonstrating various manifestations captured on film.” — Brian Fitzpatrick,

“I had great fun reading this last night, spooked me enough that I had a little trouble falling asleep… every move the cat made around the house was surely a ghost. :-)” – Alison M.

“I just finished the book, and I was awed by it. I have had a couple of experiences with ghosts and it was so meaningful to learn how they operate.” – Barbara A.

“WOW! I just finished your book. I loved it. The ease of writing and reading, the sense of knowledge, actual knowledge, the discovery of what is and where we’ve come from – all delicious thought. 4 stars!” – Shelley F.

25 Ways to Get Your Child to Read

25 Ways to Get Your Child to Read by Jalynn Venis

Looking for ways to inspire your kids to read? These activities and games make reading and writing a creative and playful adventure.

When first published, 25 Ways to Get Your Child to Read was endorsed by the Parenting Council and The Children’s Television Workshop through its Creative Classroom Magazine.

This is the ideal gift for parents of young children!

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“Writing my way through life, death and the mysteries of the universe.”

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