Jalynn’s Interview for the Field Guide to Transformation

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3 Keys to Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Transformation Coaches  Jeannine Marzella, Karen Stultz and Jalynn Venis discuss the Three Keys to Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Jeannine is an internationally renowned life transformation specialist, speaker and author. Jeannine possesses a doctorate degree in alternative healing studies and is both a certified clinical hypnotherapist and a meditation specialist.

Karen Stultz, is a certified coach, mentor and speaker. She is a co-contributor to books helping women discover their prosperity. Karen calls herself a “Prosperity Goddess,” who mentors solo-entrepreneurs to create a new relationship with money so they can make 6 figures or more – often in 18 months or less.

Jalynn Venis is a personal transformation coach, intuitive workshop leader, author and television producer whose work has appeared on the VH1, HGTV, Fine Living and PBS networks. She shares life experiences and intuitive insights to help others find “ah-ha moments” in their lives and transform obstructive attitudes and beliefs into understandings that enable them move forward and experience greater joy.

Jalynn can be heard about 43 minutes into the recording (the last third).

Jalynn Discusses Ghosts, Angels and Cassandra’s Field Guide to Ghostly Encounters

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Cassandra's Field Guide to Ghostly Encounters

Robert Sharpe, Founder of BITE Radio

Robert Sharpe, Founder of BITE Radio

Jalynn is interviewed by Robert Sharpe on the subject of earthbound spirits and non-physical beings for his show on BlogTalk radio.

“Writing my way through life, death and the mysteries of the universe.”

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