“I’ve been thrown from horses, bitten by a lion, tortured by humans, and chased by ghosts. I’ve fallen from a rock wall, cheated death, received miracles, and seen UFOs. I don’t understand people who get bored. If life were any more exciting, I’d be dead now.” 


Jalynn Venis                                                (pronounced J’lynn Venice)

Jalynn is an author of fiction and non-fiction, an optioned screenwriter and video/television producer.

She was born and raised in Texas, where tall tales, smoky barbecue, enchiladas with chili con carne, and friendly people abound. As a child, Jalynn wrote her first spooky short story at the age of nine to rave revues and classmate applause. From that moment on, there was no turning back. Gothic horror, adventure and science fiction inspired her imagination and dreams.

After graduating from North Texas University with a degree in writing for radio, television and film, Jalynn visited Colorado where she met a talented photographer and writer named Jim Venis. The two married and made their home in the Denver area where they pursued careers in media and communications.

Jalynn is a video and television producer whose national credits include What You Get for the Money (HGTV, Fine Living), Picking Up the Pieces (HGTV), and The Traveloguer Series (PBS). Together with associates, she is developing two new projects for television: Date Camp and Last Night on Earth.

Her published books include Cassandra’s Field Guide to Ghostly Encounters, 25 Ways to Get Your Child to Read and various ghostwriting projects. Coming in 2015 are Ghost Island, the novel, and The Pajama Supper Club and Other Bedtime Stories.

Jalynn has written several screenplays: Rollercoaster, Ghost Island, Jackson Hawk and the Treasure of the Inca (optioned), Utopia, and Lasermoon (optioned). She often writes with Richard Gorey, a writer, animation filmmaker, and film instructor in New York (www.goreystories.com). Jalynn completed ScreenwritingU’s ProSeries program and has been interviewed by founder Hal Croasmun on the Business of Writing for ScreenwritingU’s Master Program.

An intuitive since childhood, Jalynn is no stranger to the metaphysical universe and the noetic sciences of consciousness, healing, extended human capacities and transformation. She is an intuitive explorer who has coached individuals, organizations and forward-looking companies in intuitive development. Since the late 1990s, Jalynn has mentored clients in energy sensitivity, intuitive development techniques and heart-centered communication. She has been quoted in the Denver Post and various online journals on the role of intuition in everyday living.

With both European and Native American ancestry, Jalynn has a deep reverence for the Earth and its wild things. At heart, she’s a country girl who cherishes the ranch she shares with her husband, their pets and wildlife.

Jalynn is proud to be a member of The Colorado Authors’ League and The Literacy Coalition of Colorado.

“Writing my way through life, death and the mysteries of the universe.”

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